Webcam Capture 2.0

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Webcam Capture 2.0

Date of update: 01/05/2020 04:51 PM

Webcam Capture

A program to take pictures from a web cam on a computer, a web cam captain is a free application that helps you to run the web cam and take pictures from the camera in different sizes and high quality, with the ability to add many visual effects to the web cam video, and also helps you to modify and change the properties of the web cam Your own easily, the WebCamper program has a simple, organized and easy-to-use interface, through which you can play and watch WebCam video, as well as capture digital photos from your PC's camera with one click, by selecting your WebCam via a drop-down menu containing All cameras connected to the computer in case you have more than one camera, then you can directly click the play button to launch the webcam, then you can click the Capture Picturs button to instantly take a picture from the web video Cam and saved on the computer in BMP format, the program provides you with a set of visual effects that can be applied to the video, among them the effect of reversing or inverting the colors of the video (Inverted), so that the black color is reflected to the glowing white, and all the colors are reversed to a color contrary to it, and in This case will show your photo in the video in a distinctive and frightening manner Nothing, in addition to the Gray Scale effect that allows you to display webcam video in black and white like old movies without spectrum colors, as well as the map effect, the monitoring effect, and the effect of highlighting the differences, which allow you to display the differences in the video as Different colors when recording any movement of items in the camera video.

The program also allows you to modify and improve the webcam's video, by adjusting some important settings, including adjusting the brightness level of lighting, as well as adjusting the degree of color contrast, and adjusting the degree of saturation in the primary colors red, green and blue, in addition to that you can adjust the sharpness and sharpen an image Video in order to remove the blur and make the video more clear, as well as you can set the white balance or lighting on the web cam video, the program also helps you to activate and adjust the level of video or zoom zoom, and also activate the auto focus system on the elements to be photographed in the event that it is a camera Hello Your webcam supports that.

Webcam Capture program is considered one of the very simple free tools that comes in handy to monitor and operate the web cam camera on the computer in an easy way and free from any complications, with the ability to take pictures from the web cam video with one click, which makes it the appropriate option for all Categories of users who are looking for a fast way to take pictures from a web cam, in order to use these photos in the profile on social media sites, such as Facebook or share them with friends via the Internet, in addition to this you can adjust the dimensions of the video width length and width, which You are allowed to You can change the images from the computer camera in different sizes that meet all needs. Also, you can change the video frame rate from 5 to 30 frames per second. You can also change the video image color data compression system to the YUY2 or MJPG system. The program is reliable and compatible with the latest Windows systems, as well as light. Weight and consumes a low amount of processor resources, you can now download the Webcam Capture software and use it on your computer to run and take pictures from the web cam for free and for life.


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