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Google Earth Free

Date of update: 01/05/2020 11:37 PM

Google Earth Free

Google Earth is a free application that provides you with a service to view the Earth’s images via satellite. You can see the terrain imagery of the planet and the maps of the cities of the world. Google Earth gives you a feeling of visiting all the countries of the world while you are at your home in front of the computer screen. And the cities of the world, as you can see pictures of plots of land, mountains, torrents, valleys and rivers, through the free Google Earth program, you can explore the world in moments while you are in your place !, and all the images you see were photographed by satellite and are real photos.

If you are interested in visiting the countries of the world directly from your home you just have to use the Google Earth program, it is a free application developed by the giant Google company, after installing the program on the computer you need to have your device connected to the internet, then you can run the program, the globe will appear in its circular shape, You can bring the image closer to the continent you want to explore and view the pictures of its countries and cities, you can fully control the magnification of views and see the photos you want, also Google Earth offers you the names of regions and cities that you explore.

Google Earth Free is considered one of the powerful solutions available to all categories of users, especially engineers to explore lands and real estate and explore the beautiful cities of the world for free, the program is easy to use works to provide you with Earth photos that were photographed from space by satellite and these images are saved In a large database on servers connected to Google Earth via the Internet, as these images are always updated periodically by specialists in Google, the program is light on the system and consumes a moderate amount of processor and memory resources, you can now download the Google Earth program and use E on your PC to explore and watch the planet and images cities in the world for free and for life.


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