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DivX 10.8.8

Date of update: 01/05/2020 11:34 PM


Program for playing video and audio files and converting movies, DivX is a free application that helps you to play digital movies and audio and manage media files on your computer, in addition to converting video and movie codecs to several formats, also the program provides you with a web player to play videos from the internet, a program DivX Plus has a simple interface that allows you to drag and drop video and audio files directly on the player screen and run them without exposing the application to the risk of freezing, you can play and watch favorite movies in DivX, MP4, AVI, MOV and MKV format, and also transfer video and audio files from a computer to a devicePlaystation 3, a Blu-ray player, and digital TVs. You can also create high-definition digital movies (HD). DivX Plus helps you burn movies to DVDs and portable storage devices (USB) and is compatible to play them on all types of DivX devices. ), You can also manage all kinds of media files stored on your computer and organize them and create special playlists for your favorite video and music files. You can also use the program to purchase and watch high-quality movies from the Internet, you can also play subtitles with several options and install them on films .

DivX program includes a large package of codecs to play most movie and video formats on computers, in addition to its high ability to convert movies with translation in simple steps into a wide range of the most common video formats, such as MKV format, so that you can set many options before starting the process Video Conversion (Converter), such as setting video and audio codecs, setting the transmission rate and video frame size, you can also combine several video files into one high-quality video file, the program is reliable and compatible with the latest Windows systems.

DivX program is a free media player that has been carefully designed and developed, has many additions and functions to manage movies and audio stored on your computer, and also provides you with a new experience to watch your favorite HD movies while you are in your home, as well as seamless control of all the functions of the player , Such as introducing and delaying video, controlling volume and rapid transition between playlists, as well as controlling where subtitles are located on the movie screen, as well as the ability to easily adjust subtitles settings, such as setting the type, size and color of the subtitle line, and adjusting and synchronizing subtitles with movie events Precisely in the case Whether you have subtitles incompatible with the film, the program is light on the system and consumes few resources from the processor and RAM, you can now download DivX and use it on your computer to play HD movies and convert video for free and for life.


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