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Brave Browser 1.8.86

Date of update: 01/05/2020 04:55 PM

Brave Browser is a program to browse the internet without ads for the computer, Brave Browser is a free browser that helps you browse the internet very quickly and safely while preventing annoying ads and popups and getting rid of them permanently, in addition to protecting the privacy of users all the time by preventing external tracking from monitoring your activity over the Internet, through Blocking third-party cookies, as the browser encrypts data packets that you send to the websites you browse, thanks to the secure encryption feature for everything HTTPS Everywhere that comes embedded within the application, providing you with a very high level of security while shopping online or Examination web sites of your favorite, it is worth mentioning that Brive Brauser browser focuses on the prohibition of advertising and this is what most people are looking for, but the disadvantages that it replaces the pop-ups and other ads smaller are opened in a new tab without any inconvenience.

Brave Browser Browser has an attractive and easy to use interface, which includes a protection shield to prevent ads and pop-ups when browsing favorite internet sites while preserving privacy, knowing that the secret behind increasing browsing speed compared to other browsers is the smart ad blocker, which uses high technologies to monitor and prevent ads From appearing on the screen, which provides you with a lot of internet throughput that can be used to browse more useful content especially for owners of limited internet subscriptions, moreover when you open a new tab you will notice that it includes attractive background images with some information about the tracking number Trackers and the number of ads that have been blocked on the browser and the estimated time saved, in addition to a digital clock and icons for websites that you have recently opened and browsed, and you can also from the same tab at the bottom to access the browsing history and see all links to websites That you previously visited with the ability to clear your browsing history and delete cookies with one click, and you can also view your favorite sites that you have registered in bookmarks or bookmarks.

The program provides you with all the basic browsing tools that we may find in most other most common browsers, so that you can browse the Internet and open many tabs on a single page without affecting the system's resources, you can also browse the source code of the site pages, and you can also use the Inspect tool to view and modify CSS and HTML codes, which are very important for website developers, also you can easily translate the content of web pages into several languages, in addition to the ability to manage your passwords that are stored on the browser, as well as you can add an electronic payment method safely for use in making purchases. The J carried out via the Internet, you can also activate the sync tool to connect all your devices safely that use the same browser, such as computer and mobile and tablet devices, knowing that the synchronization process includes browsing history information, phone numbers and e-mail addresses and passwords to others.

The Brave program provides users with the service of achieving profits in exchange for viewing private ads on the browser, knowing that the ads provided depend on the interests of users while maintaining the confidentiality of personal data and browsing history, in contrast, advertisers and companies can add a financial balance to display their ads on the browser, knowing that this service It is still under development and will be launched soon, but we believe it will not succeed in light of the strong competition in this field.

The browser is available on many of the most popular platforms, such as the Windows system and Android devices and phones, as well as Apple iOS devices represented in the iPhone and iPad, in addition to the Mac, as it is available on the Linux system, and there is a web page explaining how to install it on most distributions.

Brave Browser is one of the reliable internet browsers that have been developed and built based on the Chromium browser, comes in handy with additional interesting features that you will not find in any other browser, allowing you to quickly browse the Internet without ads or pop-ups that may be a nuisance For many people, you can also enjoy privacy when browsing the Internet, also through settings you can change the appearance of the graphical browser interface to black theme with the ability to set the font size and colors, as well as you can install various types of additions, and you can at any time disable ad blocker with one click, In addition to that, according to the period of our experience of this wonderful browser, we did not face any errors or comments, as it is light on the Windows system and consumes moderate resources from the processor, and we recommend it to all people who are looking for more privacy away from the pop-up windows, you can now download the Brave Browser browser And use it on your computer to browse the internet without ads for free and for life.


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