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sweet home 3d full

Sweet Home 3D helps you to design your indoors speedy and without problems: draw the rooms of each level of your private home upon the image of an current plan, change the coloration or the feel of every room, and drag and drop furniture onto the plan from a catalog organized by way of classes (home windows, doorways, dwelling room, kitchen), in which you may import 3D models created with the aid of yourself or downloaded from various Web web sites. All the modifications made inside the 2D plan are simultaneously contemplated in a 3-d view, and you can navigate in it either from an aerial view factor, or from a digital visitor view point.
Finally, you may enhance your home plan by using including dimensions and texts to it, print it at the side of the 3-D view, create a photorealistic photo of the 3-d view with customized lighting fixtures, create a film from a digital path within the 3-d view and export the plan to SVG layout or the 3-D view to OBJ format to import them in other 2D or…

Crystal Disk Info

Monitor the efficiency of the hard drive CrystalDiskInfo is an app designed and developed to help you keep your hard disk in good condition, in fact it can tell you the state of your hard disk.
CrystalDiskInfo helps you detect and prevent future errors in the disk surface, so that you can copy the content to another hard disk before the crash.
Sounds good, right? I think it is the best solution and test that everyone should work at least once a month, especially if you have important data stored in the hard drive.
On the screen you will see all data about your hard drive: brands, manufacturing history, temperature, buffer size and even factory installed software. Don't think it will be difficult to know if your hard disk is at risk, because CrystalDiskInfo shows this in different colors, so if it is green then it is integrated, and if the color tends   to  red, you may have to buy a new one.

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