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No Cash? No Problem.

Your Visa card is so much more than an ATM card – it’s your key to safe, convenient payments – every day, everywhere.
Visa cards are widely accepted at merchants across Egypt and abroad. It’s not only for expensive, high-value purchases but also for your every day spending: ·Grocery shopping ·In the pharmacy ·Mobile bill payment ·Your morning coffee ·Lunch-time take-away ·Online shopping and much more
Wave goodbye to cash!
Here’s the plus side. Visa has much more to offer you than cash! ·Convenience
You no longer have to waste time standing in ATM queues. Simply pay with your Visa card at the till or check out point – it’s as quick as keying in your PIN and waiting for the approval ·Security

A Visa card is far safer than carrying cash around. If your Visa card gets lost or stolen, you can immediately report it with Visa or your bank and have the card blocked. Visa also monitors and detects suspicious and fraudulent transactions on your account. Learn more on how to keep your cardsafe! ·Money Mana…

Card Fraud & Security FAQs

Q: I received an email/phone call from MasterCard about my account but it appears to be a scam or a phishing email. What do I do? A: MasterCard will never solicit personal or account information from a cardholder and we suspect that the information you received is fraudulent. Consumers should always safeguard their personal information and refrain from responding to suspicious email/phone scams. If you suspect fraud on your account, please contact your issuing bank immediately to report it. We would appreciate if you could forward the original email to so that we may investigate. Q: Someone called to offer a lower rate on my MasterCard but it seems to be a scam A: Please be advised that MasterCard does not attempt to contact individuals to request personal information, including credit or debit card account information. If you receive an unsolicited phone call, email, text message, or social media request from an individual claiming to be a MasterCard r…

Transaction Support FAQs

Q: How do I dispute a charge? A: Please work through your card issuing bank to dispute a charge. Only your bank holds your specific and unique information including what rights you have to file disputes. The dispute process agreed to by banks that issue MasterCard accounts or process MasterCard transactions is set up to allow the banks to manage disputes with cardholders and merchants in a formal manner.
For Issuer and Merchant guidelines for disputes refer to MasterCard's Chargeback Rules:
For a Merchant fact sheet on avoiding chargebacks visit: Q: I never received an item purchased online or by telephone A: If you purchased an item that was not delivered to you, or the incorrect item was sent, you should speak initially with the merchant to resolve the situation. If you and the merchant cannot agree to a resolution and you want to file a d…