Travel credit card

Credit cards facilitated the movement of travel in recent years has reduced the need to carry large amount of cash with you and the search for a good place to be paid at a good price . You can also review processes that you purchase receipts or by the Internet . But there are many things you need to know before traveling depending on the credit card .Before travelingContact BankPhone handset
The first thing you should do before you travel credit card is to contact the bank to inform him Bugetk and the time that you will spend . The use of the card abroad, probably refers to the existence of the installation process , which threatens to shut down the card so contact the bank can avoid the problem .Activate the SMS servicesend-sms-free-registration
Most banks have a service ace LMS so that a message is sent to your phone as soon as the use of the card ( either bought something or withdrawn money ) . This is an important point in pursuing acquisitions , as well as to maintain the insurance card , where it will be notified of any purchasing process is work do not agree to them .Review the possibility of using airports salons
Some cards (such as titanium or platinum ) gives you the right to use the business lounges in airports. You should check whether the airports card gives you this right or not, any right of access , costs and making it easier to place the travel process .Procurement expenses abroadfees
Most cards add a charge of 0 % to 2.85 % on each transaction carried out by purchasing foreign currency. It is important to know the ratio imposed by the donor on every card abroad. If you have more than one credit card, you must use expenses Aloqlhm .Make sure the balance
Before traveling you should ensure that your balance enough so as not to surprise the access to the maximum without knowing . So it is better to know your balance even arrange your operations .Try to raise your credit limit
Some banks to lift the limit on the card if provided proof of travel . Contact the bank or contact your nearest branch for you to know your choices if you want to increase the maximum . And depositing a cash advance on the card you can Tsenkhaddmha the value of the deposit and credit and thus avoid traveling many Pkash .Find out more about the card features
Some cards give discounts , deals on hotels and car rental offices Knowing your choices to help you save money.Keep the number of the bank with you
You should always keep your international call customer service always with you helping you to report in case of any problem or to report the card stolen to stop immediately. If not this number you will not be able to report stolen , which can hold you responsible for the any Monument processes occur by this card .Card backup
Take another card reserve even if you do not intend or expect to use . Do not carry around with the other card , but keep it in a safe place such as the hotel safe . You use this card in case of emergency only.While travelingBuying currency of the country
If you are traveling to a country using another currency other than the currency of your country purchase When you choose to pay in this country currency For example, if you are traveling from Egypt to the United States and asked about how to pay you choose to pay in U.S. dollars. This is because the bank will save you the appropriate Bsarsrv currency better than the store price .Do not pull the money , except in cases of necessity
Try to use a debit card abroad to withdraw cash to avoid high interest rates , which are calculated on the credit card cash withdrawal .

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