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How To Get Your First Credit Card

It becomes an adult holds a lot of responsibilities and especially when you start to take financial burdens on our backs such as the use of credit cards. If you do not, here's how to get a first credit card.
In fact, there are several ways to get his first credit card, but it is imperative to be cautious especially when applying it. Here are some tips on how to get approved for your first card and how to use it.
Consider the big box stores or gas stations ...
These types of cards are easy to obtain and be approved even if you have no credit history or existing that you have no one to endorse you. For the most part, these cards are very beneficial because they allow you to buy items such as clothes or gas and pay at a later date when you have the funds available. The only downside is that interest rates are generally higher due to the higher risk. This is place is great to start building your credit so that you can ask for cards with better rates in the future.
Get a secured cr…

What is a validation code?

What is a validation code?
CVC-code (Card Validation Code)

The CVC code (or CID - card identification code) is an added security feature on all major credit cards. The CVC is used for verification and validation in environments where a credit card is not physically present, such as ordering goods and services over the phone, via the internet or by mail. The CVC-code is a number uniquely connected to your personal credit card.

For Visa or Euro/MasterCard holders

You will find the CVC 3 digit code on the back of your credit card, on the slip where your signature is placed.

The CVC code is the 3 numbers directly after your complete credit card number, which is the same as shown on the front of the card (see example above).
Note: The digits are printed on your card, rather then stamped in the plastic like the digits in your credit card number so if you always carry your card in your back pocket you probably can't read it anymore.
For American Express card holders

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