CREDIT CARD - How To Apply For Credit

So you need to apply for a new credit card. Well, have you thought about applying for it online?
All of the major credit card issuers, and most of the minor ones, now allow you to apply via their websites. This offers a number of advantages compared with the old method of filling in a paper form and sending it by snail mail.
One big advantage is speed. Your application will be instantly received by the card company and at least some of the processing will be handled automatically. Admittedly the card issuer will want to make certain checks with credit reference agencies to ensure that you are creditworthy, so you shouldn't expect an immediate yes or no. However, the waiting period between applying for the card and getting approval for it is likely to be as much as a week less compared with the traditional method of application.
Another big advantage of applying for a credit card on the Internet is that it is very easy to research the best credit card offers. Nowadays there are hundreds of different credit cards available, all offering different combinations of terms and incentives. It is very important to study the market carefully, therefore, rather than simply filling in the first application form that arrives in your mailbox. Independent credit card comparison sites such as make this easy by listing all the best current credit card offers, updated daily.
Once you have found a card you are interested in, go to the issuer's website and study all the details of their offer. Check in particular for low introductory rates, cashback offers and balance transfer deals. If you are happy that this is indeed the card for you, look for a button labelled "Apply Now" or similar. Click on this and a new page should open, with an online application form ready for you to fill in.
The details you will be asked for are just the same as when applying for a card by mail. They will include your full name, address, telephone number, occupation, annual income, and so on. You are also likely to be asked some security questions, e.g. your date of birth, social security number and mother's maiden name. These are used to help prevent fraudulent applications.
Once you have completed the form to the best of your ability, click on Submit, and click again to confirm your application if requested. If you have omitted any information or filled in any parts of the form incorrectly, you will be asked to try again. Otherwise, you will see a message that your application has been received. All being well, you will then receive approval of your application within a few days, and the card itself shortly after that

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