CREDIT CARD - Get A Bank Card

A bank credit card is a financial tool that can act as a form of revolving credit. A consumer, who uses a bank credit card, must pay back the money after a period of time, along with some interest. Sometimes, the bank waives interest charges when the balance is paid completely each month.
Any U.S. citizen who is above eighteen years of age is eligible to obtain a bank credit card. Despite this, many banks issue bank credit card only after opening a bank account. The consumer needs to maintain a good credit history and his income must meet the bank's criteria.
Most of the U.S. banks verify the details written in the consumer's credit card application form before issuing the bank credit card. This is usually done by contacting the consumer in person or by telephone. Some banks even assign agencies to check the consumer's credit history. It is always advisable to have a copy of the credit report from any of the major national credit bureaus before applying for a bank credit card.
When the application is approved, the bank sends a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that serves as the key to obtain cash from an ATM. A PIN is a highly confidential number known only to the consumer; it is unique to every bank credit card. In most cases, the consumer can obtain a bank credit card within ten business days upon approval of the application.
With the advent of online banking, it is very easy to apply for credit cards online. It is a more secure method, as it protects the consumer's personal financial information. Some U.S. banks provide additional benefits such as insurance, credit card protection, rebates, and discounts along with the credit card.
Even when the consumer has bad or a damaged credit, it is possible to obtain a secured bank credit card; to do so, the consumer is required to open and maintain a savings account to act as collateral for the credit line

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