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Forex Trading

An example of the foreign exchange Trader x has an account with $ 50,000 U.S.. Buy 500'000 EURUSD at 1.1500 in the market and request a stop loss at 1.1460. At this point the maximum possible loss is $ 2,000 and have use of the reserve is 10%, which is much above the minimum. During the day, fluctuating foreign exchange market and initially moves down to 1.1480. At this point the trader x has suffered a loss unconsciously by U.S. $ 1000 and decreased use of the reserve to 9.60% and this decline reflects the impact of movement on the ability of the reserve it has. But later in the second price rise to 1.1550 and trader x decides to reap the profits. May sell his price of 1.1550, achieving a profit by $ 2500 U.S. This represents a revenue of 5% of the value of the balance of his account. Note that trader x has not only risked two thousand dollars and achieved revenues of U.S. $ 2500 and this ratio is equal to 1.25 between risk and reward. Every trader should be directe…

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