Gold in 2009

Gold in 2009 aims to help you judge the risks and potential rewards of investing in gold today. This outlook is provided, free, by the world's No.1 private gold ownership service, BullionVault.

Why? Because we're certain that – whatever the outlook – the No.1 problem facing would-be gold investors in 2009 will be a lack of serious, in-depth information. Unlike the stock market or real estate, for instance, gold investing will be rarely featured by the mainstream media in 2009. When it does make an appearance, expect hype and a lack of understanding to cloud the outlook.

Gold in 2009 doesn't pretend to see the future, but it might just help you make a considered decision about investing in gold or not for yourself. And once you've made that choice, you may like to try out investing at BullionVault for yourself, starting with a free gram of gold.

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